Course Benefits

We're family travel bloggers and have designed the course with family travel blogging in mind

  • Not all who wander are lost

    You might be able to navigate your way across the Nullarbor, plot a 6 week course up the East Coast or pack for a family trip like a pro - but when it comes to starting a travel blog and website you might feel completely lost. We're here to help!

  • Tech for Beginners

    We'll give you all the basics on what you need to get your blog going. Being a creative through and through, the technology behind starting a blog has had me working and researching for hours and now I can pass this on to you - in a simple and no frills format. Learn what you need to have, what you can add later and optional extras.

  • Social Media Rescue

    We've been using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and Twitter for the last 2 years and have learned the long and hard way how to do things (and what not to do!)

  • One on One Support

    Through a private Facebook group you'll have access to instant support from your trainers and also a network of other aspiring bloggers so you can receive inspiration, motivation and problem solving when you need it.

  • Student Freebies

    As established travel bloggers we often get offered trips and products we are unable to use - which we offer first to our students. We will post any opportunities to review on our behalf in our Facebook group and on regular exclusive emails to our students.

Course curriculum


A one off payment of $99 will get you full access to the course and Facebook Group

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You will have your website up and running in less than a week and can share your family adventures with your chosen audience.

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